5 Rounds of 12ga Ammo by Federal – 1 ounce Truball Low Recoil HP Rifled Slug



A great 12 gauge hunting round with a milder recoil than most mainstream slug offerings, this is a 5 round box of rifled hollow point slugs from the Vital-Shok line by Federal Premium.

The TRU-BALL ammunition offering has always been a performer. The rounded tip, hollow point design features a riffled base that can be shot out of smooth bores with good efficacy. The range limit is enhanced compared to some of the other slugs on the market but this is still primarily a 15-75 yard slug for use on big game like deer (where applicable). Buyers should ensure they are permitted to hunt with lead based shotgun ammunition for the large game they intend to use this shell on, prior to use.

The reduced recoil aspect of this round makes it easier to dial in your scope or get on target with your iron sight prior to your hunt, and offers more comfortable shooting in the field as well as offering easier follow-up shots if needed.

The Federal Vital-Shok line has always been a good round for game and the innovations in that portfolio are some of the more time-tested components in all of the ammunition game. The reputation holds up to scrutiny. The reliability is second to none. The fact that this is a well built and reloadable round also does not hurt its attractiveness level with the end user.